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QuantBitex Review – Enjoy Risk-free Crypto Trading With This Automated Crypto Broker

Jerome Palmer

ByJerome Palmer

Feb 23, 2021

QuantBitex Review

When you are a new trader, there are many things that may seem intimidating to you. Obviously, a lot of money is involved in trading online so you might be worried about trusting an online entity. But trust me when I say this, there are a lot of online brokerage firms that you can trust. The key to finding the best broker for you is to know what you are interested in. A majority of new traders are interested in trading cryptocurrencies but are scared of the unpredictability of rates in the market. The best solution for this would be to find a brokerage firm that provides you with automated trading. Many trading firms provide automated trading and financial advisors for traders who want to trade with cryptocurrencies but lack experience.

The crypto broker QuantBitex is the most reliable solution for such people. If you are someone who is interested in crypto trading but are intimidated by the high volatility of the market, then you should definitely continue reading this review. With years of experience to back me up, I can surely say that this trading firm is one of the best automated trading brokers out there. So, let’s take a look at some features of this crypto broker that offers auto-trading.

Trading TypeCryptocurrencies
Trading StyleAutomated (Financial Advisor-backed)
Trading AccountsFour (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Annual SavingsUp to 9%
No-interest LoanUp to 40% of Deposit
Minimum deposit250 EUR
Maximum Leverage1:400
Customer Service24/5

Features of QuantBitex That You Can Trust

●        Excellent Client Support

When you sign up with a new trading firm, you may require a lot of assistance from the broker, especially when you are new to trading. There are many things that need clarification or simplification that you may not understand from the FAQs section that is provided. In this case, it will be really disappointing if you have to wait long hours to hear back from the broker. You will find a lot of brokerage firms that claim to be super user-friendly and customer-oriented but when it comes to client support, their services are nil. So, you should make sure to find a firm that provides you with reliable customer support that can respond to your queries and complaints in a timely manner.

If you sign up with QuantBitex, you will not have to face this problem. Since this trading firm is an automated trading firm, you may have a lot of questions regarding how it functions. The customer care staff employees trained and experienced people who are able to guide you and answer all your questions professionally. This is something not many brokerage firms take into account, so their customer support staff is not able to answer the customer queries.

You can get in touch with the customer support department via emails and phone calls. The contact details are provided on the website. Furthermore, this service is available 24/5 which means that during the weekdays, you can receive a timely response whenever you need assistance.

●        Great Payment Options

Online trading requires you to make various transactions. First, you need to deposit an initial amount to open an account. Furthermore, you need to make additional deposits for investment capitals and you also have to make withdrawals of your earnings. An account with a trading firm is essentially like a bank account as you can see from the various transactions that you have to make. So, taking the constant deposits and withdrawals into account, it is important that the broker supports a variety of payment options so that you can use whichever method is easier for you.

QuantBitex prides in its customer satisfaction and so offers you with various payment options. When you are a trader with this broker, you can choose whichever payment option suits you the most. You can use your credit cards, debit cards, Visa, MC, maestro, to make deposits. It even accepts deposits in the form of bitcoin wires. All withdrawals are sent directly to your bank account. The best part about the payment features of QuantBitex is that it does not charge any commissions or fees on deposits and withdrawals. Many trading firms exploit this feature and charge percentages of commissions on every deposit or withdrawal that the trader makes from their account. With QuantBitex you can make all transactions without the worry of additional charges.

●        Highly Secure Environment

Opening an account with a broker requires you to trust its services and authenticity. Traders provide the broker with a lot of information that is sensitive and confidential which can put you at a risk if it is leaked. Trading firms are the top target for hackers and you will find many articles about brokers being hacked and its clients’ information leaked and money was stolen. The cyberspace is filled with skilled hackers who can access the systems of such firms if they are not protected properly. Therefore, it is essential for trading firms to use the best protection software for their platforms from the get-go. It may be difficult to build a trustworthy reputation in the industry if they were hacked at some point.

To ensure the safety of the traders’ information and keep it from being useful for unauthorized users, QuantBitex uses the latest protection softwares in its trading platform. Using protection software and SSL certificates designed with cutting-edge technology allows the broker to keep the users’ information secure. Furthermore, top-rated encryption software that encrypts all information provided to the broker instantly. Encryption software codes your information which becomes useless to hackers and the brokers as well from misusing your information. You can find more comprehensive information about this auto-traders security measures on the website.

You can trade with a peaceful mind with this broker as it offers you such a secure trading environment. You do not have to worry about any information-leaks or risk your identity with this trading firm.

●        KYC Policies

If you have been looking up various brokers, then you may have seen this acronym many times. KYC stands for Know Your Customer and is a policy that is a part of the brokerage firm’s regulations. This policy ensures that your account is not being hacked and used by someone who is not you. It ensures this by asking for identity proof from the trader which may include house address, electricity bill information, bank details, copies of government-issued identity cards, amongst others. You may be required to provide this information before your deposits or withdrawal requests are approved. Furthermore, you may be required to provide this information for the verification of your account.

It can get annoying if the broker asks for extensive identity evidence frequently. This is the case with a lot of brokerage firms. They set up excessive questions for identity proof to create a secure environment but it only serves to annoy the users. This is because they will think about all the extra steps they will have to do to complete any actions.

QuantBitex is compliant with the KYC policies and does not bother you with this step many times. It has smartly placed these questions and identity-requirements that will both ensure your identity while also not wasting your time. You only need to provide this information when it is absolutely required to confirm your identity such as when making withdrawals of your earnings. Being compliant with this policy keeps other users or hackers from accessing your account.

●        Auto-Trading Trading Platform

Automated trading is the rage among traders these days. This is a really appreciated way of trading and is the rage among traders these days because automated trading has a lot of benefits. It is the future of online trading because it provides accuracy in judgement and guarantees increased profits. You will come across very few trading firms that can provide the quality of auto-trading that QuantBitex does. With this brokerage firm, you just have to deposit an investing capital and reap the benefits of trading that the automated trading feature will bring you.

The pandemic has made many other markets flop so it is the perfect time for you to start investing in cryptocurrencies. And QuantBitex allows you to do so effectively sans the panic of making timely or emotional investment decisions.

The QuantBitex software was designed as such to facilitate both new traders as well as the experienced ones. The algorithm of the broker is designed to perform accurate trades for you and bring in increased profits. As a human, you are bound to make mistakes no matter how much experience you have in your plate. However, the QuantBitex algorithm can make accurate and timely decisions which are especially important in the crypto market. In a market as volatile as the crypto markets, there is the chance of impulse and emotional decisions which may lead you to loss.

The algorithmic trading platform of this firm makes accurate decisions which are based solely on the statistics. So, you can avoid the errors of investing in wrong pairs which are very common in manual trading. Speed and accuracy are very important in online trading which is what this platform excels in which allows you to bring in more profits.

It allows traders to enjoy the returns from investments without worrying about the current trade trends. What you need to know about this trading firm is that you do not have to do anything yourself. When you open an account with QuantBitex, you get a personal financial advisor who trades on your behalf. So, you don’t have to do anything yourself as all your work is done for you. Automated trading is the future of online trading and you have the perfect platform for you to get onboard this progressive train.

●        Multiple Account Types

The feature of multiple accounts is something that is common among brokers. However, the conditions and the features of these accounts are usually not favorable for traders. Seemingly the account types are designed for specific types of traders such as beginners and traders at other levels. However, when you look at the features that are available on these account types, they are not suitable for beginners at all. First off, the initial deposit is too high which new traders will not appreciate on their first attempt at online trading. Furthermore, very limited features are available for the initial account types which also deprives new traders from proper trading. The better features and services are reserved for the updated accounts that have a high initial deposit.

The account types provided by QuantBitex deserve applause because you can see how the features are suitable for the targeted traders. The broker offers you four account types, namely; basic, silver, gold, and platinum.

The basic account is a good choice for new traders because you get all the fundamental features that you require for trading efficiently. It has an initial deposit of 250 EUR which is a great price for new traders. The silver account is the upgraded version of the basic account and is a good choice for new traders as well. It offers slightly more advanced features for traders and has an initial deposit of 2,500 EUR.

So, if you are a new trader who can afford to invest this amount for registration, then you should sign up with this account as it offers more features than the basic account. The gold account is the most popular account types as it offers golden features. You have access to much more facilities than the previous accounts. It is a great choice for experienced traders who do not want to sign up with the VIP account. This account type has an initial deposit requirement of 25,000 EUR.

Lastly, there is the platinum account which has access to the VIP program of the broker. This account is best suited for professional traders of firms who want to trade on a large scale. You have access to all the features that the broker has to offer with this account. It requires an initial deposit of 100,000 EUR which only a VIP trader can afford.

You can see how the features of these individual account types are suitable for brokers with different backgrounds and experiences. With this broker, you can pick any account that is best suited to you as a trader whether you are a new trader or a professional one.

●        Educational Material

You simply cannot leave our educational material when you are trading. Of course, when you are a new trader, you have no idea how the financial markets work. This is why it is important for new traders to learn about the basics of trading if they do not have a financial background. You have to deal with graphs and charts and understand the information that is being provided to you in order to trade smartly. If you are a trader, you need a deeper understanding of the values being shown on these graphs and charts.

You should not refer to the sources on the internet if you want to understand trading. This is because most of the content is either too dense for you to understand or it is  writen by people based on experience which is not ideal. This is because every trader has a different trading experience so you cannot learn from the experience of another trader. It may also lead you to misunderstand a concept. To avoid these misunderstandings, you should refer to the resources that the broker itself provides. This will make sure that you learn just what you need and also learn about how the broker provides this information.

QuantBitex is an automated-trading broker, however, this does not mean that you should not develop aa basic understanding before starting your trades. You need to learn what is happening with your investing capital and how exactly are you making your profits. This is important to be able to communicate effectively exactly what you want to your financial advisor. This broker offers you extensive educational materials which also include 1-on-1 educational course.  So, you can trust that you will be able to form a solid background with the knowledge provided by this trading firm.

●        Proper Leverage

This is something that you need to pay special attention. You should look at what leverage the brokerage firm is offering you. You will notice that many brokers offer you huge leverages that entice you to make more investments. First off, you should not trust any broker that offers you extremely huge leverages because it is most likely that it is a scam. Leveraged trading is risky to start with, so you need to be especially careful with this form of trading and be vary of large leverages even if they are not a scam.

On the other hand, you may come across brokers that don’t offer you any leverage at all because they claim that they are too risky. You should be careful of such firms as well because online trading in itself is a risky business. Just because something is risky doesn’t mean that it should be avoided.

If you are a new trader, then you may be wondering what a leverage is. So, let me tell you what leverage means. Leverage is the support the broker provides you with your investments. It lends you some money so that you can invest in more assets.

QuantBitex has made a great move in terms of leverage. It provides you with increasing leverages as you update your account types. So, if you are a new trader, you can enjoy leveraged trading with the basic account with the leverage of 1:50. Once you gain confidence in trading and upgrade your account type you can enjoy trading at higher leverages. Accounts of higher tiers offer you a leverage of 1:100 with the silver account, 1:200 with the gold account, and of 1:400 with the platinum account. These are pretty huge leverage rates that you can seldom find with automated traders or even manual traders.

The best part about using automated traders is that you can enjoy trading with leverages without getting lost in the greed of higher investments. The platform will not make any investments using leverages if the chances of losses are more.

●        Impressive Interest Rates

When it comes to online trading, you cannot forget about loans. It is a common problem among brokers that they set a too high-interest rate on loans which are not suitable for all traders. If you cannot easily afford the initial deposit or the investment capital you may have to take a loan from the trading firm. It may also be the case that you suffer a loss more than you can afford to overcome, so you will have to take a loan out from the trading firm. Similar to bank accounts, you will have to pay an interest on any loan that you may take from the broker. Many brokers think of it as an opportunity to set very high-interest rates that you will have to pay back for your loans.

I was really impressed with the interest rates that QuantBitex offers the users because not many trading firms are that concerned with the traders. The interest rates that this trading firm offers are very affordable and vary for different account types. So, if you want to take out a loan from a basic account, you only have to pay back interest of 10%. The silver account has an interest rate of 20%, the gold account has a rate of 30% on interest, while the premium account has an interest rate of 40%.

Final Thoughts

The broker is available for you when you need help with any aspect of the platform. It offers you complete transparency because not only are you trusting the firm as your trading platform but also the actions of the financial advisor. You can just sit back and let the broker handle your investments for you. I highly recommend this firm to those who are interested in crypto trading but are not confident enough to do it themselves. Or for those traders who want to double their profits without putting in the effort.

For your peace of mind, you can contact the customer support service for any questions that you may have. As a rule of thumb, you should check out the features of any broker that you read about yourself before deciding to sign up with it.

Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer, a prominent writer for Big Trends Signals, leverages his deep knowledge of online trading to craft comprehensive guides and unbiased reviews, equipping traders for market success.

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