Famed Author and Investor Robert Kiyosaki Comes out as a Bitcoin Bull

Robert Kiyosaki is a celebrity author of the world-renowned book Rich Dad and Poor Dad. RDPD is a critically acclaimed personal finance guide that has readers all over the globe and is included in the top 10 in the world in the genre. Kiyosaki keeps appearing in interviews from time to time, and his followers take his advice coherently. In a recent appearance at the cryptocurrency podcast on Social media, he shared his two cents about the current situation of the digital asset transition.

Kiyosaki has been an advocate of promoting financial literacy among the masses. In his book, he shared the take of his personal journey of learning how to make money work for him rather than him working for the money. He urges his readers to understand the importance of starting an investment portfolio and teach them about the importance of owning a business. 

Kiyosaki Followers all over the World are Advised to Invest in Bitcoin as a Hedge

Robert Kiyosaki was recently invited to be interviewed at the Pomp Podcast hosted by crypto analyst and speaker Anthony Pompliano. When answering a question from the host about the traditional inflation hedge Kiyosaki responded that Bitcoin is an open-sourced or decentralized monetary system for the benefit of the common man.

During last year he had been criticizing the decision of the US government to tackle the COVID-19 issue with Federal reserves. He also has been urging his massive Twitter following to start making preparations for the upcoming landslide of high inflation and economic fallout. In addition, he has been telling his followers to put their stakes in gold, silver, and Bitcoin against the fiat currency. In another interview with Kitco News, he shared useful insight about the future of the leading coin.

Kiyosaki Predictions about Bitcoin has become the Reality of Today

Michelle Makori, Kitco news Editor-in-chief and lead anchor asked Kiyosaki the billion-dollar question about Bitcoin. She was referring to the past predictions of Kiyosaki over a year ago about the price reaching the $50K mark. It should be noted that @theRealKiyosaki tweeted last year that he had purchased Bitcoin and institutional investors would be taking a keen interest in the leading digital asset in the current year.

Kiyosaki said that if he had placed his bet on Bitcoin back when it was trading for 10 cents, he would have accepted the title of genius. However, he invested his money in Bitcoin when it was at $9,000. The current spike in the flagship currency coincides with the COVID-19 lockdown. He further added that he feels safe about putting his money in Bitcoin because he has enough wherewithal to sustain any sudden crash. He further added that BTC is likely to go up to $1.2 million in the next five or more years, given the current circumstances.  

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