Financial Guru and Investment Pundit Peter Brandt Going Bullish on XRP

Lewis Peter Brandt is a well-known Investor, art collector, and magazine publisher. His journey towards cryptocurrencies is pretty interesting. However, now he has become a full-fledged Bitcoiner and an avid digital currency advocate. Back in March, he called XRP a scam when the controversial currency was at odds with the SEC on account of an ongoing 1.3 $billion lawsuit.

Now, Brandt has eased up in his antagonistic opinions and offered an empathetic statement aligned with the interests of thousands of XRP holders in the United States. In a recent tweet, he pointed towards the new BTC/XRP trading pair that is about to break out. His remarks have sparked a slew of discussion among his 456K followership on the social media platform.

Compound Fulcrum – Is XRP Getting Ready to go Head to Head with the Leading coin?

According to Peter Brandt, XRP is all set to break against Bitcoin in the crypto exchanges anytime soon. He put the pointer towards a phenomenon called a compound fulcrum. This is a very rare pattern in the financial markets and happens only when a market forms a complicated H&S pattern after a long-term decline. Brandt further added that XRP is exuding a very strong buy signal at the moment. 

As for Bitcoin, Brandt projections remain bullish. He is hopeful that Bitcoin would enter into a $200,000 price range within the span of the next 2-3 months. He also sided with the theory that Bitcoin has only covered about a quarter of the current bull wave when compared with its historical behavior patterns from 2015 to 2017. 

XRP Investors Petitioning for the New SEC Chief to Take Down the Case

Gary Gensler, the seemingly more crypto-friendly councilman, has received his official beckoning to serve as the next chief at the Securities and Exchange Commission. The XRP holders in the USA have formed a united front and have prepared a new petition with for dismissal of the Ripple Labs lawsuit. It all started when Thomas Hodge, founder of Crypto & Policy, wrote a public letter titled “Gary Gensler: End the War on XRP.”

In the letter, Hodge has made astonishing remarks about the personal monetary interests and ulterior motives of former SEC chief Jay Clayton and his involvement with Former SEC director of corporate Finance Willian Hilman. The petition has amassed 2,387 signatures, only 113 short of its 2,500 serving goal. 

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