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FinuTrade Review – Is FinuTrade Scam or Legit?

Jerome Palmer

ByJerome Palmer

Nov 29, 2021

FinuTrade Review

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Digital trading is one of the most profitable business ventures open to individuals from all parts of the world. This is because the digital nature of the activity eliminates any restrictions that may occur due to physical locations or geography. Online markets such as the crypto market and the forex market can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The forex market, in particular, is a major source of wealth and revenue for both countries and individuals. For trades in the forex market to be successful, certain platforms are also involved. One such platform highly necessary is forex brokers which are firms that allow individuals to gain entry into the market for trading purposes. Due to the popularity and profitability of the forex markets, there are numerous forex brokers currently operating. A good example of a trusted and functional broker is FinuTrade.

The forex market might be brimming with numerous financial opportunities but is also an avenue that can result in substantial losses if not understood. The presence of various forex trading firms can also lead to confusion for traders, especially for the new ones. In other not to be overwhelmed with too much information, it is advisable to trade with a broker that is reliable and trustworthy. For this to happen, you as a trader have to be cautious in choosing a broker to trade with. This is necessary because the online nature of exchange and transactions has resulted in the existence of scams and fraudulent firms in the guise of brokers. You should also be wary of firms that promise a hundred percent market success and several trading benefits. This does not expressly indicate that such firms are not credible but most scams clone such brokers and use that means to mislead traders and forex investors.

Market success through forex trading is not dependent on the level of monetary investments but largely determined by the forex firm with which a trader conducts transactions. For this reason, forex brokers occupy a relevant place in the digital trade industry as their importance cannot be undermined. Choosing the right broker would offer you success in your transactions on the market. In selecting a forex firm, it is wise to avoid random picking as there are certain things that you may lack when you choose randomly. It is necessary to get informed about such platforms before choosing them. To help you achieve this, this review provides adequate information about FinuTrade that would be beneficial to you as a trader especially if you are new to the forex trading world.

What is FinuTrade?

FinuTrade website

If you are in search of a forex platform for efficient exchange and safe conduct of forex transactions, then FinuTrade is the perfect broker for you. This firm is an establishment of FinuTrade Holdings Ltd which was formed in 2018 and is based in St Joseph and the Grenadines. In the world of forex brokers, this firm stands out as it is a platform designed to provide adequate aid and help to individuals for tapping the immense potentials and benefits within the forex market. Even though the firm is relatively new to the trading world, it is already being considered a strong and credible forex trading platform. Despite the ever-increasing number of brokers globally, the firm still records a teasing volume of over $182 million, and in its short time of existence has taken and completed over sixty-nine thousand orders. This forex firm is open to both institutional and individual traders as it provides an efficient and safe trading atmosphere designed to help them achieve their financial goals.

As a trading firm, the platform is designed to provide for traders and their users the best online trading experience to be found on the market. This is achieved by integrating the latest technological advancements with an investing platform that is intuitive and focused solely on both new traders and professional investors. Certain factors make this platform stand out in the world of trading platforms. One such reason is the priority placed by the firm on the education of its users and traders. This implies that while you trade on the platform, you are also offered the opportunity of increasing your knowledge of the forex market and trading in general. In addition to this, market success is treated with huge concerns as the firm provides trading tools, strategies, and market guides that would be beneficial to be every trader.

It is a major goal of this platform to make the process of trading and making forex investments an easy and convenient activity even while ensuring that each financial need and desire of every single trader is met. While this is being achieved, the platform upholds the values and principles of transparency and innovation. It is a forex broker that is committed to providing its traders with multiple opportunities and numerous chances for market success. In addition to this, the platform allows its traders to drive their success while providing overhead cover in form of expert advice, supervision, and monitoring. This forex broker takes the concept and notion of forex trading to a whole new level as the emphasis is on the satisfaction of the financial needs of their traders.

FinuTrade Trading Services

Forex traders often utilize brokers which offer numerous trading services as it increases their chances and rate of market success. In light of this, this trading platform is not left out as it is designed to meet the financial needs and expectations of traders irrespective of their geographical locations. To this effect, the firm allows its traders to diversify their investments by offering multiple trading services. There are several trading instruments available for exchange on the platform. These instruments include stocks and shares, foreign currencies, indices, commodities e.g gold, silver, platinum, and cryptocurrency. This implies that in addition to stock trading and forex trading, the platform also offers crypto trading and this is highly beneficial to traders.

Unlike other brokers who also offer crypto trading that only give room for transaction in Bitcoin alone, this platform has included other popular crypto tokens such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

By doing this, traders are given the chance to perform multiple investments and conduct transactions in different trading instruments thus increasing the rate of market success. In addition to numerous trading instruments, certain tools highly beneficial to efficient trade and market investments are offered on the platform. Most of these tools are provided based on the account type you own while others are available on a general basis. With these services available on the platform, the growing rate of adoption and acceptance of this platform is an occurrence bound to be.

How to Trade on FinuTrade

The forex market is a wide investment platform and so trading within it can be challenging. This often arises from the complexities involved in conducting transactions with certain brokers. Most forex traders try to avoid platforms with several criteria involved in the trading process as it can result in the activity appearing cumbersome. However, even with the challenges involved with digital trading, some platforms make it convenient and less complicated. FinuTrade is one of such platforms as traders are helped carry out transactions in a comfortable atmosphere. Before trading can occur on this platform, you need to own an account with them. This is similar with other brokers but that is where the similarity ends. While other forex firms have long and tiring account creation processes, this trading platform eliminates all forms of stress when owning an account is involved. This way, individuals are encouraged to trade with the platform as they are not made to go through strict procedures.

The first step to the ownership of an account on FinuTrade is the registration process. This is conducted with the submission of certain basic information about users such as names, an email address, password, and country of residence. All the spaces for this information would be contained in the account opening form where traders would also be required to indicate that they are not citizens of the United States. As far as trade is concerned and for you to conduct business on the platform you must be eighteen years and above. This restriction serves as a security measure and a means of controlling the environment of the trading platform. The age restriction also ensures that trading is opened to mature minds who can handle the risks and challenges that come with digital trading. Once you have filled in the necessary information, you would then be required to submit it.

Upon submission of the account opening form, the next step is to verify your email address which is carried out to ensure that the email account provided is functional and not dormant as it would be a channel of communication between the trader and the forex broker. After your email address has been verified, your account application would also be subjected to verification to determine the validity and authenticity of the information provided. Once your account has been verified your status as a trader on the platform has been created and the next step would be to find your account to begin trading properly.

This registration process is quite easy as other similar platforms would require the submission of several documents before your account application can be approved.

Traders are also offered the opportunity of trading in different ways as there are various account types on the platform which come with their benefits also. Each account type also comes with a minimum deposit which would be required for its establishment. The higher the account, the more benefits traders are likely to enjoy. The first account type is the micro account which requires a minimum of $5,000 deposit. Once you open this account as a trader, you will begin to receive daily analysis, access to both the mobile and desktop interface of the platform, video tutorials on how trades are placed, and an all available customer care service. After this account comes the bronze account where in addition to the benefits enjoyed in the micro account, traders with this account have access to webinars and seminars for the development of market reasoning and trading strategies. Traders who operate accounts also receive a dedicated account manager who would act as an advisor and supervisor over your trading accounts. The minimum deposit for opening this account is $25,000.

The silver account is another account and it is meant for professionals and advanced traders. Traders here get access to premium analysis of the market daily which helps them make profitable market decisions. To own this account, a minimum deposit of $75,000 has to be made after which you can begin to enjoy all its benefits. For the gold account, the minimum deposit is $150,000 and then traders receive premium daily market analysis, trading central, and premium customer support. There is also a platinum account whose benefits are not displayed on the website. To know more about the account type, you should contact the account manager who would put you through on the offers available with the account. For you to get this account, you would need at least $150,000. Most trading platforms offer just single or double accounts, but by offering multiple, traders can choose the best trading account to meet their financial needs and goals. This further shows how much the firm is committed to the market success of traders.

Withdrawals and Deposit Fees on FinuTrade

Usually, most transactions conducted on forex brokers attract certain fees which form a source of profit for the trading firm. In the case of FinuTrade however, there are no charges on both deposits and withdrawals made on the platform. For this reason, many traders especially the new ones prefer using this broker to other ones. Traders can therefore conduct trade and be rest assured that no deductions would be made by the forex broker.

Amazingly also deposits can be made on the platform either through bank or wire transfer or through electronic wallets as the broker accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. For withdrawals, they can also be received as both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. Thus individuals can now trade conveniently and comfortably without worrying about fees or broker charges.

FinuTrade Interface

One major factor that supports the use and adoption of a trading platform by traders is its interface. FinuTrade has an interface that is easy to navigate, understand and trade with thus making it a user-friendly platform. Due to the simplicity of the platform, the trading tools available are often utilized with ease by traders especially new ones as the interface is clear enough. The platform also supports desktop trading and provides a market view that traders can easily relate to. For traders who love mobile trading, the broker also provides this feature, thus individuals can trade on their mobile phones and in a convenient way. This platform’s interface is designed in such a way that traders can get the best of it on their own. Its simplicity is geared towards making traders comfortable while conducting trade and carrying out transactions. By doing this, individuals are provided with a friendly market environment and this supports their performance and profitability on the market in general.

FinuTrade Security

For most digital trading platforms, security is a major priority. This is because most of their activities are carried out online and is therefore necessary that users of such platforms securely conduct transactions. This platform is no different when security is concerned as it seeks to provide a highly safe and secure trading avenue where traders can carry out transactions without fear. To this end, all the information provided by traders on the platform is kept private, confidential, and away from third-party. The platform is also fitted with encryption technology and so all the details of individual transactions are securely stored and can not be accessed by just anybody.

In addition to this, the firm stores its funds in segregated accounts which are mostly offline. This way, their traders’ funds are separate from the company funds and can be accessed at any point in time. Thus, you can trade conveniently on the platform as it is a secure, trustworthy, and reliable one.

Customer Support

In business, customers are often treated as a priority and given importance. In the world of forex trading, it is necessary to have a good relationship with your traders as this would allow them to trust you, trust you, and trade more with you. FinuTrade regards its traders as a major part of the firm and it treats them that way. To this end, the platform provides a good customer support system as traders can reach out to them via email for every complaint, inquiry, or question.

For those who prefer phone calls, the platform has a phone number where traders can easily contact them on any issue and they are available from Monday to Friday.


The importance of forex brokers cannot be undermined and the place of FinuTrade in the trading world cannot be overlooked as it provides an opportunity for traders both professionals and new users can be guaranteed premium profits and market success when trading on the platform.

Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer, a prominent writer for Big Trends Signals, leverages his deep knowledge of online trading to craft comprehensive guides and unbiased reviews, equipping traders for market success.

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