Jack Dorsey Shares his Thoughts on Linking Twitter Accounts to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently came forward with a unique idea for all Twitter users. He has been a known Bitcoin maximalist for a long time. He even commented at the 2021 Bitcoin conference that he could leave his position at Twitter and Square Inc. if Bitcoin needs more support. Square Inc. has been working on developing a new application with the Lighting Network that is built on Bitcoin.

Brandon Jacoby, who is a former designer at Cash Application and currently working as the Product design lead with Party Round, published a tweet. This tweet shared the idea that every Twitter account should have a digital wallet address to store and purchase NFTs. Jacoby remarked that Twitter users could use the NFTs in their accounts as their profile pictures.

Crypto Community’s Reaction

The tweet by Brandon Jacoby attracted a lot of attention from the crypto community on Twitter. However, when this idea was presented to a user called @seyItTaylor, it changed tides quickly. The Twitter user claimed that such a change is more favorable for Ethereum rather than being useful for Twitter account holders. A considerable amount of Twitter users are also not familiar with the NFTs, to begin with.

The opposing opinion holder also added that if Ethereum adoption is promoted on Twitter, it will affect Bitcoin. It is unlikely that a Bitcoin maximalist like Jack Dorsey can go for such an option. He further added that it is not a profiteering option for Twitter management as well. This idea, however, has been able to attract the attention of Jack Dorsey as well.

The idea of integrating NFT wallets with every Twitter account is also got approval from CEO Jack Dorsey. However, the CEO claimed that instead of NFT wallets, it is better to allow users to create a Bitcoin Lighting wallet. The first tweet of Jack Dorsey for his Twitter account was sold as NFT for $2.9 million. He claimed that this money would go into charity proceeds.

Twitter also released a series of personalized NFT. The 140 virtual art images contained the Twitter logo being animated. Some crypto proponents like @packanimalETH believe that Dorsey is very likely to invest in Ethereum soon enough. However, Dorsey has been keen on Bitcoin without any regard for the limited use cases that the flagship cryptocurrency offers.

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