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Taiwanese Venture Capital Firm Raises $150 Million In Its Third Fundraising Round


ByDesiree Arroyo

Aug 18, 2021

AppWorks, a venture capital company based in Taiwan and a big supporter of Animoca Brands as well as Dapper Labs, has collected up to 150 million USD in the third round of fundraising. The purpose behind the fundraising was to boost up the global as well as the Southeast Asian investment operations. Following the latest funding, the total assets of the Fund III of the company count up to 212 million USD. Due to this, the firm is considered among the prominent venture capital companies of the region, as stated by the firm in its Thursday released statement.

The round made a lot more collection as compared to the previously done raisings. The second fund gathered nearly 50 million USD and, before it, the first round netted 11 million USD. The new capital collection has been carried out in collaboration with the existing and new partners, including the National Development Fund of Taiwan, Phison Electronics, Cathay Life, Wistron, Hongtai, TransGlobe Life, Fubon Life, Axiom Asia Private Capital, and Taiwan Mobile.

The company has been enthusiastically making blockchain investments keeping the three most significant investment themes: Southeast Asia, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The firm has made investments in association with Splinterlands, Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, and other well-known crypto investors.

In 2009, the year of its foundation, AppWorks introduced an accelerator of its own, and it commenced raising and organization of its funds regarding venture capital. Jamie Lin, the partner and chairman of AppWorks, stated that the firm, after making a humble start, has acquired the status of being among the most noticeable venture capital companies. He added that the company had worked in cooperation with the leading venture capital organizations to develop an ecosystem in rapidly evolving Southeast Asia. He further proposed that the company is now a dominant competitor regarding the global platform of blockchain and AI front.

Special interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has been shown by Lin as, in June, he noted in one of the blog posts on his official website that the accelerator team of the firm has structured a category named NFT entrepreneurs. He explained that the team was much hopeful about the progress of NFTs in the upcoming decade and that the advancement in the NFT field could produce a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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