MetaMask Management Issues Warning to iPhone Users About Phishing Attacks

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency custodial extension for browsers. The users of MetaMask can generate a cryptocurrency wallet by downloading the extension from their respective web stores. Recently, MetaMask cyber security team discovered a hacking backdoor. The company has issued a new warning notification to its consumers around the world.

According to the notification, the users are advised to disconnect their iCloud backup of the cryptocurrency wallets. The MetaMask developers diagnosed that Apple devices backup can allow hackers to steal funds from the users. It is worth noting that MetaMask is a Web3-based crypto custodial wallet that allows users to create automated Apple cloud backups.

MetaMask Asks Users to Disable iCloud Backup

Cloud backup allows the users to create a backup of their reserves or data on Apple servers. In this manner, the users can access their data remotely from any browser with their account credentials. The MetaMask team posted on Twitter that the users who have backed up their wallets through iOS mobile devices can unwittingly allow hackers access to their crypto reserves.

The team further explained that hackers could direct a phishing attack on the iCloud credentials and lock into the user account. Recently, a MetaMask user Demenic Iacovone claimed that some NFTs and cryptocurrency assets worth $655,000 were recently stolen from their account. In this case, hackers gained possession of iCloud credentials through phishing messages and managed to break into Keystore that MetaMask users deploy to lock their digital wallets.

One major downside for iOS users is that the Apple smartphones grant several privileges and access to the applications that are downloaded on the system. When the phone is backing up data for these applications, security-sensitive information like passwords and private keys can be stored on iCloud servers. In this manner, once the hackers have access to the iCloud credentials, they can also steal the JSON encrypted Keystore file that contains MetaMask private keys.

Crypto security firm Sentinel head Serpent recently breaks down that hackers called the victim’s phone posing as support from Apple Corporation. The hackers then asked the victim to change their Apple device password. When the victims change their passwords, the hackers can identify their private key files and break into the MetaMask wallet to steal funds.

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