US Government Issues Warning to Crypto Exchanges Regarding North Korean Crypto Attacks

The cyber security firms in the United States have recently issued severe warnings for the cryptocurrency organizations operating in the region. According to the government, the hackers from North Korea are currently targeting these firms to heist some money. It is worth noting that North Korean hackers are often dubbed as powerful foes thought to have the backing of their government.

According to the top 3 National security agencies of the USA, namely CISA, Treasury Department, and FBI, a notification of warning was issued for the cryptocurrency exchange platforms and other organizations in the space. It is worth noting that CISA is also a federal agency that works under the supervision and guidance of Homeland Security.

Hackers are Planning to Attack Crypto Firms

The notification about the possible hack war was posted on the official website of CISA. The federal agency highlighted big hacking groups like APT38, Stardust Chollima, Lazarus Group, and BlueNoroff, among others. The threat level is currently set at APT or advanced persistent threat. APT threats signify that the hackers can break into the computer hardware and remain dormant for a long time.

The threat is extended to the crypto organizations such as exchange platforms, DeFi protocols, P2E gaming projects, and inclusive crypto-related Capital venture firms alongside companies that have enabled crypto trading options through third-party payment applications. The warning also concluded that the big investors should take precautionary measures.

As humanity is getting more tech-savvy, many experts believe that the wars between nations will now be limited to cyber battles and financial struggles. According to the US security departments, the hackers from North Korea can use different techniques like the Trojan virus, phishing messages, and social engineering options.

The North Korean hacking groups that are highlighted in the above-mentioned campaigns have already conducted big heists. Lazarus group stole $600 million Ronin token from Axie Infinity servers. The same notorious group also targeted two major cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018 and 2020, looting $500 million collectively, according to data from Chainalysis.

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