New Report Unveils 82% of Cardano Stakeholders are Now Losing Money

Cardano network media partners are always sharing news about achieving new milestones and sharing the latest spill on the network updates. However, an independent crypto aggregator recently shared some concerning news regarding the ADA price projections for the upcoming weeks. According to the survey of Cardano investors, around 82% of the stakeholders are out of cash.

The report was compiled and shared by crypto analytics firm IntoTheBlock. The report also suggests that since November 2021, ADA prices have been showing a continuing trend of decline. At the same time, in 2021, the ADA token reached an ATH of $3.1 for the first time, and at present, ADA has continued to trade below $1 per unit.

Around 82% of the ADA investors have been connected with the blockchain network for a long time. However, due to the persistent trend of steady decline throughout the last two years, all of these ADA holders are losing money. Only 3% are at the breakeven threshold, and the remaining 14% are in the state of profit. The platform also shares that around 76% of the investors purchased their ADA token in the last 12 months.

On the other hand, IntoTheBlock data also projects that only 12% of the investors were added to the network in May. Meanwhile, 11% of ADA owners have reserved the token for longer than 12 months. The data accounts for the average cost of on-chain purchases rather than crypto trading platform custodial records. However, despite the continuous price depreciation, the Cardano network has retained its position in the top 10 crypto projects for most of the last year.

Cardano Network Hosts Around 3.2 Million Digital Wallet Addresses

The data estimates from Cardano Fans Stakes Pool show that the Cardano network still hosts around 3.2 million digital wallet addresses during Q1 2022. At the 2020 close, the ecosystem hosted only 186K addresses. Meanwhile, the YTD digital wallet statistics for the network indicate that around 500 thousand new wallets have been added to the Cardano in 2022.

Sentiment aggregator postulates that Cardano is currently moving farther away from its ATH, two years ago. On the other hand, whale accounts hold around 10 million ADA tokens and account for 42.6% of the total circulatory supply. Kraken crypto digest suggests that the price projections for ADA tokens look promising for the future. The digest also claimed that the transaction fees on the network have increased by 51.5% on the YTD index.

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