Pantera Capital CEO Shares his Two Cents on Bitcoin’s Future

For the most part, investors want to see their investments, stocks, and cryptocurrencies in a constant state of making profits. However, it is impossible to have a bull market that lasts forever, and a bear market arrives eventually. Pantera Capital executive Paul Veradittakit recently claimed that the ongoing cryptocurrency position lapse is only the start.

He predicts that the bear market is far from maturity and can deepen with further instances of cryptocurrency traders choosing to dissolve their long and short-term positions.

As per Veradittakit’s observation, the bear market effect can increase over the next few weeks. As the partner of Pantera Capital, he also claimed that the cryptocurrency market is still under the influence of the stock markets.

Pantera Capital CEO Claims that Bitcoin’s Price can Fall as Low as $9K

Despite the grave predictions of massive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency downfall, Veradittakit does not seem very concerned. He told the media that bear markets are a natural phase of the financial markets and explained that it is a great opportunity for changing and upgrading individual and commercial portfolios for the next bull market run.

He claimed that commercial cryptocurrency investors could shake up their Bitcoin reserves and get a chance to rebuild.

As per Veradittakit, bear markets are the best time for investors to find potential currencies and add them to their portfolios. He claimed that it is best to keep in view factors like equity token pairings, discounted SAFT, and equity.

He further said that investors could look for high-value and long-term companies that have strong cryptocurrencies added to their investment vehicles.

Veradittakit also shared some important tips and tricks for commercial investors who are looking to upgrade and update their cryptocurrency portfolio during the ongoing bear market.

He claimed that it is best to add capital or use a leaner runway that lasts for a long duration of a minimum of 24 months. He also said that monetizing the business model can create a great exit value for businesses.

Veradittakit said that by eliminating additional expenses for cryptocurrencies, the commercial portfolios could reduce costs and preserve longer during a bear market.

He also suggested that, at present marketing budget should be shifted to be utilized for the next bull market. He shared that another cost cut can happen by reevaluating service agreements to revoke or amend them. For larger companies, he suggested looking for acquisition targets actively.

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