Watchmaker Tag Heuer is Now Accepting Crypto Payments

Tag Heuer is a luxury watches manufacturer that has recently introduced cryptocurrency payments. The people who wish to purchase the custom-made designs and other Tag Heuer products place orders online and pay in the form of cryptocurrencies. At present, the watch manufacturer has made this offer available for consumers in the USA only.

With the increasing influence of cryptocurrencies in the everyday lives of people, more and more brands are trying to integrate crypto payments for their products and services. There are also examples like AMC Cinema which decided to issue movie tickets for cryptocurrencies to capture a bigger market and prevent the company from going bankrupt.

Tag Heuer Partners with Cryptocurrency Payments Platform to Enable Digital Payments for Clients

The consumers of Tag Heuer in the USA can now make payments for all their luxury watch purchases with the help of cryptocurrencies. To make the service possible in all US states, Tag Heuer has partnered with a cryptocurrency organization called BitPay. Thus far, the company has enabled cryptocurrency payments with 12 different options of digital currencies.

The buyers can choose among the currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and five other stablecoins. It is worth noting that all 5 stablecoins are pegged to USD. According to Tag Heuer management, the service will commence in the form of a pilot project at first.

In the first phase, the consumers can choose to convert a portion of their bill into the form of cryptocurrencies with no minimum limit and a maximum limit of $10K in a single transaction.

Like many other brands, Tag Heuer is trying to inspire the vintage fashion in a new generation by making more plans with cryptocurrencies. As per the company statement, there are other web3 plans there are plans for integrating a blockchain network and issuing NFTs.

On the whole, Tag Heuer is aiming to break into the Web3 narrative that has become a trendy topic among netizens.

Tag Heuer’s competitor brand Jacob & Co. is also accepting cryptocurrency payments, among other watch brands.

Meanwhile, french fashion magazine L’OFFICIEL announced that it was going to publish its fashion collection in the Metaverse. The magazine is working in tandem with The Sandbox to introduce fashion skin features for consumers. Fashion heavyweights like Prada and Adidas are collaborating on an NFT collection.

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